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The Starting Linebacker from Atlanta Falcons be put into short-term list of IR

Posted on 2013-09-18


Steven Jackson gets a thigh injury in the game on thesunday


The NFL's official website reported that the Running back


may be absent for 2-4 weeks, Coach Mike Smith confirmed


that Steven Jackson will miss Sunday's game.



Mike Smith said Steven Jackson's injury won'tlet he absence


too long, it's according to sources; Steven Jackson will miss 


3 weeks.  After Steven Jackson was injured,  Jason Snelling


and Jia Kunsi Rogers has 36 yards rushing, Jason Snelling


contributed a touchdown, Lin in all who brady ewing due to


a should-er injury is put into his minutes had expected after


injury reserve list will increase.






Floyd Mayweather is a multi champion, because he can fight, and Floyd Mayweather is a multi millionaire

Posted on 2013-09-16


Now people, if you don't like the man, it's a lot easier to


just say so, than it is trying to convince anybody smarter


than a wad of chewing tobacco that he accomplished all


this, without fighting.



Floyd Mayweather is a multi champion, because he can


fight, and Floyd Mayweather is a multi millionaire, because


he can fight. Now, you have two choices, you can keep


praying that he loses his championships and his millions,


or, you can do yourself a favor and get over it,  because


no matter what happens  to Floyd Mayweather, you are


still you.





Wholesale Nike NFL Women Jerseys San Francisco 49ers Jersey #7 Colin Kaepernick Drift Fashion Red Elite Womens Jersey

Posted on 2013-09-14


Jim Harbaugh is a woman in that mans clothes.Such a Poor


Player now he buys off Referees to fine players. That is the


First Bad hit in Clay Matthews of Career yetSuh who is the


League's Dirtiest player is fined   $1,000.00  for the almost


ending a players career.



Clay Matthews fined  $15,000.00  for  a hit on the QB who


asked for it. If there is  a  God Colin Kaepernick will get hit


hard and often til he misses a game. For as much as the San


Francisco 49ers whine about this before and after the game


you'd thik Clay Matthews practically kill Colin Kaepernick


It looked much worse than it should be n Colin Kaepernick


threw a TD on the next play, Big deal.






The Cincinnati Bengal is a very talented team, no one can deny that

Posted on 2013-09-12


The Cincinnati Bengal is a very talented team, no one can


deny that. Offense has Wide Receiver AJ Green that with


unique and amazing level, Defensive End has a coordinator


Mike Zimmer in charge of  many good players, but I don't


think Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton is how great coach


& quarterback combination.



They can win many games during the regular season,  but


they are the limitations of the playoffs, reference playoff


series against the Houston Texans over the past two years.


Andy Dalton out twice was stolen in  match, and Marvin


Lewis play the rhythm in the fourth quarter after need not


suspend also let a person feel unease.




You would think that the coach would know what the rules are in the NFL

Posted on 2013-09-11


The NFL treats Robert Griffin III like a mouse in maze try


-ing to find cheese.  The NFL is going to make 100 milion 


off RG3's  jersey alone,  over the course of his career. But


they nick pick/bully him just to let him know who's boss.



These are people that wish they could  do 1% of  what he


can do on the field.So they praise him publicly monetarily,


but privately they are saying "Don't forget who the boss N,


don't get to comfortable."




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